Our Blog Author

On clear nights star gazing in Wales is truly magnificent. The quality of the night sky and the superb landscapes are the perfect setting in which I can enjoy my life’s work and hobby.  I hope that my blogs help to spark people’s interest in the stars and planets, and the wonderful workings of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

I am a physicist and my scientific research area is thermonuclear fusion physics. I also have research interests in Astrophysics.

On a consultancy basis I started working with the Darwin centre Pembrokeshire in January 2013 providing lectures on astronomy and astrophysics to youth organisations (cubs and brownies) as well as to primary schools in the county.

Through the Darwin centre I also deliver lectures on thermonuclear fusion to ‘A’ level physics students at Pembrokeshire College and at various secondary schools in Pembrokeshire.  

When possible I assist the Darwin centre with curriculum development which is closely linked to schools STEM educational requirements.                    

My time with the Darwin centre is in addition to my scientific work and my work with various educational establishments (universities etc) throughout the UK.

Mark R Smith’s professional qualifications include graduate level physics with engineering, postgraduate astrophysics and an advanced postgraduate qualification in nuclear physics with engineering.  He is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.