Night and Twilight Walks

Be tempted into the dark by moon beams and starlight, grab your coat and put a toe into the into the twilight zone

Appreciate the full beauty and mystery of the night and the sky. Turn down the lights and let your senses be your guide during your night walk. As your eyes adjust to the dark, use your torch sparingly, have your ears to help you find your way around, Woodland stream on your map may not be visible in the dark but you may well be able to hear it bubbling away.

Consider what the minimum light level will be to illuminate your path. This will intensify your ‘dark’ experience, and enhance the experience of others in your group.  Keeping lights down will also have less of an impact upon any other people out in the countryside as well as reducing your light pollution impact upon nature. Light cast from a single source creates shadows, so shapes that may be familiar in the day may become mysteries in the dark. Holes, tree roots and steps on the path may be hidden and surfaces can become deceiving. To avoid stumbling on rough ground, pick up your feet a little more than normal.

Nowadays there are some really powerful torches, however using such bright lights can detract from the joy of the night. However there is lots of fun to be had especially for children using the beam of the torch as a ‘light sabre’ or beacon to light up into the heavens, or to play in eye-spy in the dark. Generally a head torch is more useful than a handheld one, as it frees up your hands for things like map reading and cake eating.  

Avoid potential emergencies with good planning.  Things can and do look surprisingly different in the dark so check your route on a map before setting off, and if possible double up an experience and walk some sections in the day. Allow for extra minutes spent deliberating over maps/directions. Wear light-coloured clothing, ideally something high visibility so that on any road sections you will be seen by drivers. Avoid walking alone, for if you twist an ankle, at least there'll be someone to help you hobble home. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

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