Put your coat on, grab your camera and dip into the exciting world of night-time photography.


The amazing dark skies of the National Parks provide wonderful night sky viewing opportunities for stars, planets and the moon all year.

TShooting Stars and Comets

On a clear night, gaze up at the sky for long enough and, you will see shooting stars and maybe even spot a comet.

USunrise and Sunset

The clean air and majestic landscapes of Wales make an idea setting for the beautiful red and orange colours of a sunrise or sunset.

sCamping Under the Stars

Find a campsite tucked away in the countryside far from the bright city lights, and embrace the wonder of the dark.

LBadger Watching

Experience the amazing sight of badgers emerging into the dusk from their setts, foraging for food and playing in the moonlight.

MBat Walks

Listen out for the supersonic squeaks of nature’s only true flying mammal and watch their furry acrobatic missions in the night air.

SNocturnal Birds

Elusive and enchanting - from the dusk and dawn chorus, to the bird calls of the night, in the mystical welsh woods.

PGlow-Worm Adventure

Find these brilliant creatures tucked away twinkling in gardens and hedgerows.

QMountain Biking

Experience a whole new adventure in the dark. This is when tracks and paths offer new challenges, as moon beams light your way.

RNight and Twilight Walks

Be tempted into the dark by moon beams and starlight, grab your coat and put a toe into the into the twilight zone

VTrail Running

With crisp night air and the peace of darkness, trail running at night is a whole new and exciting experience.

ITrain Rides

Starward bound on the night train - it’s where the stories begin.

NBonfires and Beacons

Step back in time and experience sparks and stars just as our ancient ancestors would have done.