Bonfires and Beacons

Step back in time and experience sparks and stars just as our ancient ancestors would have done.

The best safe way to enjoy this experience is through an organised event – check out the local press for details, or the blog page.

In the dark of the night there is something mesmerising and deeply reassuring about the bright flames and crackling sparks of a bonfire. Keep an eye out for events that include beacons and bonfires,  and enjoy connecting with people, places and special times.

Winter is traditionally the time of year for bonfires with Guy Fawkes, Halloween and New Year being well known. In the summer what could be a better evening than spending time round a bonfire -  star gazing, sharing stories and enjoying hot chocolate.

As the flames flicker and embers glow so too our imaginations come alive. The orange glow of the fire and the shadows of the dark reveal new places and forgotten places in our hearts. Under the shimmering stars and by the light of the silver moon make time to, sing a song or tell a tale or two. Enjoy the magic of one of the most enduring and unique endeavours of humankind – mastering the power of the flame.

Lighting bonfires can be dangerous and special permissions often need to be sought, and special care needs to be made to ensure that the fires do not cause damage to the landscape or wildlife.

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