Light Pollution

Too much or inappropriate lighting can have serious effects on people and their environment. It can mean:

  • Sleep deprivation due to light intrusion into homes
  • An increase in instances of poor mental health
  • Detrimental effects on wildlife by impairing migratory routes and mating conditions leading to a decrease in population
  • An increase in energy bills and CO2 output

This doesn’t mean we want you to turn out the lights! All we are asking is for you to:

  • Switch to low wattage bulbs (50w and below)
  • Use warm, white lights (look for 3000 Kelvin and under)
  • Use motion sensors on external lighting
  • Shield or tilt external lights downwards so light doesn’t escape into the sky above 
  • Switch off lights that are not in use
  • Consider using low wattage bulbs in outside lights