Snowdonia National Park is the second area in Wales to be designated as an International Dark Sky Reserve. There are just twelve of these magical reserves in the world, and on a clear night in Snowdonia you can see the Milky Way, all the major constellations, nebulas (bright clouds of gas and dust) and shooting stars.

Having being designated with such a prestigious title, we now hope not only protect the environment and enhance the biodiversity and dark skies of the area, but we will go a step further than other designations in the world by raising awareness of the features that link the stars of our culture, from the Mabinogi to the old penillion.

Our journey of discovering and appreciating the stars has only started, and we wish to work alongside local communities in maintaining the quality of dark skies we have in Snowdonia.
The opportunities to stargaze and admire the night sky from the mountains and foothills of Snowdonia are abundant …….. Why not come experience our dark skies for yourself?